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     Somewhere between the smoggy skyline of Chicago and the less dense Milwaukee mess are the streets that hold our Kenosha homes.  We've found our place in the Midwest, and found the instruments that strike us best.  Just as ideas come together, as performers hold a vision, we are moved by inspiration, and compromise with our other missions.  We are four musicians that have found a rhythm for this period of time, and look to pass on the joys of music, of life, to others as we've come upon it.  The sound of thundering drums, the wistful word of Elton John, the harmony of chords plucked together, the gritty humanness of Billy Joel ballads... this is the fodder for our band, this is what's shared when we jam in a basement off of 28th Ave., this is the experience of THE AFFORDABLES.  Come out to share and get to know our musicians- Adam on piano and vocals, Eric on drums, John on bass, and Travis on guitar.

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